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Guide to Online Business Schools and Degrees

Guide to Business Schools and Programs is an information hub for students interested in pursuing business degrees through online education. Business school, or a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, prepares students to work in a team while being well-organized and able to delegate tasks. Business majors go into nearly every industry equipped with how to implement new business strategies and carry them out efficiently.

The first two years of business school are similar to other degree plans, involving a mix of math and writing t round out the basics of undergraduate school. The professional study of the degree begins in the latter two years of business school. It’s during these two years that students learn strategy, business tactics, and ethics.

Kaplan University — For those students that seek a career in business, Kaplan University offers several degrees you can use to launch your career. The BS Business Administration and BSBA in Management allows the student to focus on concentrations that fit their needs. For advanced study, the MBA and MS in Management provide management training.
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Walden University — Walden University's BS in Business Administration degree features specializations in corporate finance, entrepreneurship, healthcare management, and marketing, among many others. For current or future small business owners, Walden also offers the BS Business Administration - Small Business Management degree. Graduates of this program are better equipped for competing in competitive environments.
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Liberty University — The BS in Business Management degree from Liberty University explores topics including accounting, business, law, ethics, and statistics. The MA in Business Management provides the student with further advanced study of management principals, while the MBA program features concentrations in Accounting, Human Resources, International Business, and Leadership.
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Ashford University — Ashford University's BA in Business Administration and BA in Business Administration/Management degrees confer basic foundational skills in business. Specializations in finance, entrepreneurship, and international management add a customizable option to the degree. For those that want to study business at the graduate level, Ashford additionally offers the MBA.
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Grand Canyon University — The Grand Canyon University Bachelor of Science in Business Administration explores the areas of leadership, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and business skills in order to prepare graduates to succeed in the business world. Courses address management, accounting, finance, marketing, operations, and human resources. The MBA provides further advanced graduate study into business ethics and current topics.
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What Kind of Classes Do You Take in Business School?

There are many different types of classes when studying for a business degree, including marketing, ethics, finance, accounting, sociology and economics. You may also specialize in a certain type of business and take classes in those areas such as digital media or sports business. Traditional schools and online business schools offer many different business degrees. Business school is a wise choice for students who aren’t sure what they want to do for a living. Business school provides a solid foundation for students to explore the various aspects of business and how a company runs. You can expect to work in groups or teams regularly if attending a traditional business program.

Why Should I Explore Business School as an Option for Me?

Business school is a great idea for anyone who is looking to improve their job opportunities through education. Business school gives you fundamental tools for working in many industries from public relations to management. Business school is the best option for those who aren’t sure what they want to do, but are ready to start their education. The first two years of business school are in general studies. Beyond that you will learn the essentials of effective business. Business schools at traditional colleges and universities also have resources like alumni associations and student organizations. These are all networking opportunities that can help you get a job. You will meet people from different industries and hopefully have the chance to work a few different internship positions before entering the job market.

What Do I Need to Enter Business School?

To obtain a Bachelor of Business Administration, you need a GED or high school diploma to begin courses at a community college, university or through an online degree program. GED certificates will suffice for community colleges and some online degree programs. For university admission, a high school diploma is required. A community college is a great, affordable way to start the path to a business degree. Community colleges offer all of the basic courses needed in the first two years of studying for a business degree. While this environment does not always have student organizations to join, you are often going to meet students who are likely working full time. This environment of students with work experience is welcomed by most professors. This allows students to gain perspective from a variety of industries.

Can I Obtain My Business Degree Online?

Absolutely. An online business degree is a smart option for those who work full time and cannot attend classes regularly. An online business degree allows you to take classes at your own pace, at home, or anywhere with an Internet connection. Business degrees are among the most popular when it comes to online degree programs. Online business degrees are commonly accepted in the business world and viewed the same as degrees from a traditional school.

What Do I Look for in an Online Business Degree Program?

There are many online business degree programs to choose from. It is important to review all of the details before registering for any online program. Online business degrees are the norm and available through traditional schools and online schools. The most important thing is that the school is accredited through a regional accreditation organization. This is integral for credits transferring to another school or program, and also guarantees your diploma is taken seriously upon graduating. Schedule an appointment to speak with a school advisor and learn about the school’s accreditation. This can be done through an online chat or phone call with an online school advisor.

Another thing to keep in mind when looking for an online business degree program is to ask about how long the school has offered the program. The more developed and established any online degree program is, the better it is for you as a student. Some students have trouble making the transition to online classes, especially if it is their first time taking classes in a while. It is best to start with one or two courses to get the feel of how an online class works. While you can move at your own pace, autonomy and discipline are the keys to success in an online program. The longer a program has been around, the more comfortable the instructor is teaching a course in that medium. Online classes are growing, but there are many well-established business programs for you to choose from. If you’re unsure about online only learning institutions, check with your closest university. Many universities offer classes online, and still give you the resources of a traditional school with a computer lab, tutoring and libraries.

What is the Difference Between an Online Business Degree Program and a Traditional Business Degree Program?

The main difference between online business programs and traditional programs is that you take classes online. That’s the only real difference, as long as you’re attending an accredited university. Because online degrees are very accepted in the business world, you will not have trouble finding a job or recognition because your degree is from an accredited online source. You will cover the same material in both programs. One difference is that you may work in teams often when taking a traditional business degree program. Business professors are very eager to have students work in teams to show them the dynamic of a business setting. Working in business, you work with a large group of people whether it’s in product development, management or major projects. With an online business degree program, you will not have the same teamwork as a traditional class. Some professors still highly value teamwork, even with online courses. You may be grouped with other students to work on projects outside of class or to have study groups with. Study groups are very common for business courses and add to the dynamic of a real life business experience.

How Do I Make Connections to Get a Job After I Get My Business Degree?

If you’re attending a traditional school, you have many opportunities to network and learn what industry you might want to explore. Regardless of which type of program you’re in (traditional or online), you want to do your best to get an internship while you’re still in school. Many businesses offer school credit for internship hours and usually these coincide with a business degree plan. You can find an internship online, through your school’s student business organizations and alumni programs. This is a great way to learn what someone does on the job, on a daily basis. Often business students are surprised to learn that the job they thought they wanted goes by a different name. It’s important for you to know what the job duties are for the job titles and positions you may apply for after graduating.

Tips for Networking for Business Students

  • Volunteer. Volunteer opportunities are plentiful in large cities and college towns. Reach out and make the most of your organizational and leadership business skills by volunteering with groups in need.
  • Always be authentic when approaching people for networking purposes. No one wants to feel you’re keeping in contact with them simply to get ahead in life. Be sweet and to the point with your inquiries and requests. People in high places are often short on time, so keep it simple.
  • Tap into your resources. This might be family members or friends who know someone who can get you an interview for an internship. Don’t be shy about asking for help, since most people in high places are eager to help those starting out.
  • Ask your professor for help. If your program doesn’t have any real outside resources for your program, ask your professor for help. Even if it’s a letter of recommendation you’re requesting, you want to make it clear to your professor that you
  • Make yourself useful. Whether it’s in an volunteer position or on a school project where you’re visible to your professor, make yourself useful when working. This opens a lot of doors if someone takes notice of your work ethic and expertise. Even if you’re in an internship position, do what you can to stand out in the role because it may pay off down the road.

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